March Madness: Clutter Edition

In the real estate industry we talk A LOT about decluttering, it's a crucial part of preparing a home for the market. Houses never look as good as when they are about to be sold. Maybe it isn't realistic to live everyday like there might be a showing in 20 minutes, but wouldn't it be nice to have less stuff to tidy all the time?

True confession: Casa Doolittle is CLUTTERED. My goal for the year is to minimize before we venture any further into hoarder status. To hold myself accountable, I'm going to do something drastic... I'm going to blog about it. I'm hoping that taking my mess public will keep me from quitting after a week. And maybe a few people will be inspired to join me and tackle some of their own junk drawers. 


If you google decluttering or minimalist challenge, there are a zillion options for different ways to approach the junk. You can pull an Emily Gilmore and follow the Marie Kondo method, "This doesn't bring me joy." Or tackle a room a week. Or throw things away based on the day of the month - toss 1 thing on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd..... 31 things on the 31st. Ultimately it's all about tackling this one thing at a time and one day at a time. 

I'm pretty sure there isn't a right or wrong way get rid of junk, but here is my March Madness Declutter-athon Plan.


1. Dates: March 1-31
We'll be on vacation for the last week of the month, so I'll have to work ahead a bit. But I'm committing to getting rid of a whole month's worth of stuff anyway!

2. Set up boxes to collect the stuff. 
I'm going to have a donation box and recycling box set up where I can see them and be constantly reminded that I need to fill them. Trash will leave the house immediately as soon as possible STAT.

3. Spend at least 5 minutes a day removing no less than 5 items a day.
Even with work, the kiddos and after school activities, I can find 5 minutes (I hope). And while I like the idea of the day by day build up, I'm more of a slow burn kind of person, and at a minimum this will get 155 things out of my house! 

4. Check it off!
While my iPhone is fantastic, I still do better writing things down. So I'm going to put a calendar on the fridge and cross out each day that I've completed my 5 minutes and 5 things. Plus I'll get the satisfaction of putting a big ol' X through everyday I've stuck with this!

That's it. Wish me luck!