Adding Flair to a Neutral Room

As a home owner who is also a real estate agent, I am hyper-conscious of how my design decisions might affect future resale. It's a balancing act between wanting my home to reflect my style, but not risking alienating buyers with different tastes.

As we've remodeled different parts of the house, I've focused on keeping the permanent elements as neutral as possible. Flooring, tile, cabinetry and baseboards stay simple. Wall color and decor are easier to change, so that's where I can add personality. When we decide to sell someday, it will be easy and affordable to repaint a few rooms, and swap out some throw pillows. Retiling a once-trendy bathroom? Not so much!

These photos show how furniture and styling in a neutral space can provide tons of personality. But if you imagine the rooms empty or with a coat of paint, you can see that they could easily be styled in completely different ways that would work for a new homeowner.